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GoodLuck ShoeTech Inc., Located In Chennai Import - Substitution Spares For Machineries Used In Manufacturing Of Full Shoes, Shoe Uppers, Leather Goods, Tanneries, Garments, Textiles. We Manufacture The Components In Rubbers Like Neoprene, Silicone, Polyurathane, Viton, Epdm, Butyle And In Polymers Like Teflon, Delrin, Pvc, Pp, Etc.,

Apart from these we also Manufacture Expanding Wheel, Unlasting Pad, Oil Accumulator, Toe Press PU Pads, Silicone Rubber Sheet, Star Coupling, Diapharm, Conical Bush, anti vibration Pad, Trolley Wheels, rubber oil Seal, O Ring, Gaskets, Cushion Pads, Rubber Cords, Sheets and other types of Rubber and Plastic Components as per your Specification and Drawings.

Parts Available for

Cerim - Molina - Busm - Ormac - International - Chenfeng - Despa - Alfa - Kukdong - Reces - Bombelli - Atom - Toreilli - Svit - IronFox - Leibrotte - Techno2

Our Range of Products

  • Teflon, PU and Nylon Toe bands
  • PU and Leather heel bands
  • Cement injectors / Wiper Plates
  • Counter Moulding pad silicon pad ( Hot and Cold )
  • PU parts for lasting M/C

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